Friday, February 06, 2009

Cold day today, cold again tonight

I took this photo during the last cold snap, but I had these on again tonight.

This morning it was in the 40s when I got up. I got all bundled up for the bus trip to work, but my regular bus never materialized and I waited well over half an hour (on the coldest day of the year) for the next bus. When I got to work (at last-- made me late), I called the transit system and made a complaint. I was pissed (but acted nice). Fortunately the bus stop was sun-drenched. (Not so nice in the summer, however, when you have to stand in the shadows away from the bus stop.) (My building usually casts a nice shadow.)

Maybe Lucky is peeved about the weather out on the terrace, but last night he took it out on me after I'd already gone to bed. He wanted to play rough. No more of that. He's got sharp teeth. I have no intentions of letting him develop a taste for my blood.

The counter-top people are coming tomorrow sometime in the afternoon, so I've taken the whole day off to wait on them and oversee things. My under-mount kitchen sink needs to be firmly affixed to the counter so it doesn't move. Then they'll have to re-seal it. Otherwise the cabinet could be destroyed by water damage. Meanwhile, I still haven't heard back from the Home Depot District Service Manager about the electrician's bill.

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