Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday night

Sorry I missed Obama's news conference, but I was taking a nap. I got up as it was winding down. Then heard Chuck Todd say that it came a week too late. Oh well. We'll see what kind of stimulus package they come up with.

Was back at the gym tonight. I've decided to go Mon., Wed. and Fri. instead of Sun., Wed., Fri. Soon we'll be on call at work on Sundays, and the gym's Sunday hours have changed, making it less convenient. I used to like to go at 7:00 p.m. and now they close at 7:00. So I'd have to go at dinner time, not that I'm that strict about that, but it eats into my day (no pun intended).

Now watching a special Chris Matthews at midnight. Chris was impressed with Obama tonight. I just can't stand Mark Williams being on. What a tool. Now Kevin Bacon is on.

Glad our cold snap is over. I'm not used to bundling up these days.

I hope Obama's push this week will show results. But I'm just worried about what Chuck Todd said earlier. He's not that great, but I listen to what he says.

Already took some melatonin, so it's time to go before I get too trashy.

P.S. Heidi Harris is also a tool.

P.P.S. David Shuster was good. Nice eyelash action. (Kidding.)

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