Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday night -- open thread

So you know what I did tonight. I should add that I met B. at that place on W. Dixie. I'll also add that I didn't go to the gym, as planned. I figured I got enough exercise last night, cleaning.

So now it's clean enough and I'll have the manager let the inspectors in. I'm glad she provides that service. Taking time off from work to wake up early and sit around and wait is not a desirable use of my time off. Especially when (a) one of the inspections isn't necessary since it's already been done, and (b) the inspector for the necessary inspection doesn't show up at all. At least I got the electrical bill paid, under protest. I did what Home Depot told me to do and we'll go over the bill next week.

I thought it was interesting that the electrician supervisor didn't leave me a copy of the itemized bill, even though he showed it to me and we went over it. The electrical contractor had sent this guy in solely to pressure me into paying their bill--even though I'm supposed to pay bills through the store's kitchen expediter and not deal directly with the subcontractors. I looked through the papers after they left, and there was no copy of the itemized bill. I'll bring this up with the District Services Manager when he gets back from vacation. Meanwhile I'll call the electrical people tomorrow and try to get a fax of the itemized bill. We'll see what they say. I don't trust them. Look at the way they immediately (without question) knocked off over $200 after I pointed out a discrepancy in their own paperwork.

I'm glad this is (almost) over. I'm not cheap but I'm not going to let someone try to take advantage of me, and these people are shady. But the work they did seems to be adequate and "up to code."

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