Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Was watching Anthony Bourdain in Mexico but had to switch channels before the bullfight was over. I saw Spanish bullfights in Southern France (in a Roman colisseum in Arles?) and it almost made me sick. I was still a teenager then and was up for anything. Something I never want to see again.

Bullfight is over. Bourdain is in Mexico with his successor as head chef at the Brasserie Les Halles in NYC, originally from Puebla (famous for mole poblano, a favorite of mine, made with chocolate). (I'd seen parts of this show before.)

They had one segment on breakfast. I vacationed a couple of times in Mexico and loved the breakfasts. At our hotel (an American chain), in addition to the usual eggs and bacon, etc. , they served savory Mexican stews. I loved that stuff.

I called the countertop people today to tell them that tomorrow wouldn't be a good day for them to come fix the loose sink in the kitchen (my supervisor is taking the day off). They said they'd get back with me. They didn't even offer me another appointment. When will this end? I think I'll call them back tomorrow and try to firm something up. It will entail me having to take an entire day off from work, which is OK. I need some time off anyway--but more than just time off while waiting for workers to come and do work here. (After the sink is fixed, the only thing left to do is get a final inspection by the city, which will probably require taking another day off.)

I'm thinking about taking a vacation later in the year. But first I have to get the cats weaned back off so much canned food, so I can get my neighbor to come in and feed them without making a huge imposition on him. (I feed his cat--dry food--when he's out of town.)

I remember fall before last, trying to plan a vacation with B., but he was non-committal about making any plans. (We'd talked about going to Savannah or back to San Francisco, and I'd started researching places to stay in Savannah). Apparently he was already hanging out with "Hilario de la Rosa" at that time and, as I recall, probably doing whatever it was he was doing that made him crazed. What a pisser.

I should never have eaten all that salmon loaf. I'm still up. But I hadn't had it in such a long time, as the kitchen was out of commission, and it tasted so good. It's also very simple to make. The whole thing gets made in a food processor (no beating eggs or chopping), then the contents of the food processor fill up one loaf pan. Basically it's 2 cups of mashed potatoes and a can of salmon, plus the eggs, onion, fresh parsley, etc. (Ask me for the recipe. I cheat and use enhanced Hungry Jack mashed potatoes, which makes it even easier.)

I should never eat after a certain time of night (probably 9:00).

OK. I'm getting tired.

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