Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday night

I'm so glad the sink is fixed. The guy at first asked me how long it had been in that condition, and I had to think for a moment. Since November (and it's now February). Not only did it look bad, but I was constantly worrying about water damaging the brand-new cabinet. Now I feel like it's finally "over." Yay!

(New clip, new glue. The screw screws into some resin that fills a channel cut into the bottom of the stone counter top.)

After those guys left, I called a friend who's been following this project closely, then showered and went over to Starbuck's and read. (Was nice outside today--no need to bundle up.) Came home and watched news, then called the kitchen designer at Home Depot. No answer, and I was unable to leave a message. I wanted to tell her that the sink was fixed and to go ahead and schedule the final inspection. (I'll try calling her tomorrow.) If she had been available, I would have taken the unopened box of molding back for my refund. I did drive down there anyway, to get something to fix the toilet. The kitchen designer wasn't at her desk, and her computer didn't seem to be in use at the time.

I would also like to switch out the handles on the kitchen cabinets. While I love these, I think something a little simpler would look better, and I scoped out one I think would be perfect. I hope I can swap these out. I'd bought the handles on Home Depot's website, since they'd been discontinued in the store.

I did fix the toilet. That was easy enough. It needed a new tank lever. I lucked out and found that in one minute. I walked down to the plumbing aisle, turned my head to the left, and there it was, hanging on a display right in front of me. I really didn't expect to find it that quickly. (I even brought the old one with me to show somebody.)

Heading to the gym soon and then the grocery store. Watching Campbell Brown. I'd not seen her new show on CNN. It seems she's got rid of her lisp. Maybe she had dental work or speech therapy. It's amazing how people with speech impediments end up in prominent positions talking on national TV (Barbara Walters, Tom Brokaw). It doesn't bother me but I still find it ironic.

So Rush Limbaugh leads the Republican Party now? Good! The swing voters hate him.

I think the unmarried lady with 14 kids is crazy, but having octuplets was her choice.

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