Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday night

Had planned on going to the gym but decided to chill instead. So I was over at the Starbucks drinking green tea and reading about Lesbian separatists in the 1970s. I had planned to chill last night, but decided to watch the speech. (Watching speeches by our side always drains me.) Then I'd been rattled when I went to the mailbox earlier and had a statement from the condominium association saying I owed over $700 in back maintenance fees (including a $25 late fee). I could feel my blood pressure rising.

I've never missed a payment or been late. I went over the statement carefully (when I should have been chilling) and spotted an odd, unexplained charge for over $600 in December. I was going to call the office about it today, but saw the manager in the lobby as I was on my way to the bus stop this morning. I sidled up to her and showed her the statement, and pointed out that I wasn't behind in any payments. She believed me and took the statement -- I told her it was my only copy -- and said she was going to clear it up with the secretary, who sends these notices out. I guess that's been taken care of. Whew!

I did watch the Jindal speech on YouTube tonight (with MSNBC's annoying, new audience-response meter running at the bottom of the screen). Lousy speech. He's certainly no orator. (Obama has nothing to worry about.) Stephanie Miller and her crew were making fun of it this morning on the radio, saying he sounded like Mr. Rogers addressing a group of children (and he did). It got two stars on YouTube, by the way, while Rachel Maddow's take on it (below) got five. Also includes remarks by Wonkette (Anna Marie Cox).

Keith Olbermann just said that Jindal's story about the volunteer Katrina rescue was false.

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