Sunday, February 15, 2009

Late Saturday night -- Gross-out edition

Was about to go to bed earlier but then noticed Bootsy wasn't clean so I had to clean his behind in the bathtub (sorry, Bootsy). I don't think all this canned cat food is good for him. He's way too heavy and lumbers around. I'm going to take him to the vet soon. I just want to hear what the vet has to say before I do anything drastic. Also, Bootsy needs a check-up anyway.

I started amping up the canned cat food when Lucy was sick, trying to get her to eat. Then I kept it up after Lucy died and I got Lucky, since he was still growing, even though he'd been used to eating dry food. Now I think I should amp it down or stop it. I just want to make sure Bootsy's teeth are OK to eat the dry food again. I would think so, since he'll eat it in a pinch.

Lucky was 8 months old last Feb. 2, when he went to the Humane Society. (I adopted him last July.) It's already Feb. 14, 2009. So he's over 20 months old. I would think he's grown to capacity.

The cats won't like it if I start cutting down on the canned food, but let's see what the vet has to say first. Unfortunately, you can't get out of the vet's office nowadays without forking out $100.

P.S. Bootsy is happy I cleaned him up.

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