Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday night

Today at work we had over three hours of mandatory diversity training. I can't say that I gained a lot from it, but the (free) deli sandwiches and pasta salad were good. Also had a brownie but ended up removing the chocolate chips. Apparently some people think you can't get enough chocolate in something that's already chocolate, but I prefer walnuts in my brownies.

Home Depot called this morning to schedule final kitchen inspections. Electrical and plumbing inspections are scheduled for Wednesday. If they pass, there's a building inspection on Thursday. If they don't pass, more work will have to be done and new inspections scheduled. Let's hope they pass.

Yesterday I had early-morning voice messages from the electrical contractor about paying the final bill (which I'd questioned). The District Services Manager had told me over two weeks ago that he would call me to "go over" the bill and hasn't called. So yesterday I called the kitchen expediter and the designer and was able to talk with them. The District Services Manager is supposed to get back with me (he didn't call today, so let's see what happens tomorrow). Home Depot has told me not to pay the contractors directly.

I hate taking time off for these inspections, since I have to wake up even earlier than I normally would and then sit around, for hours usually. It's a waste of my vacation days and more stress than work, actually. But this is almost over.

Lately I've been OD'ing on Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow (not to mention the usual news) and getting all riled up about the financial crisis (to-wit, the wannabe Rockefellers on Wall Street). I'm still riled up but certainly won't let it destroy me. I can't do anything about it myself, and it appears to be under control (or at least way up in the public consciousness). Now back to watching HGTV. More placid.

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