Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama gets bump in polls following speech

From MyDD here (see graph).

A new Gallup poll taken the day of and the two days following President Obama's first address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, finds the President's approval rating has jumped up 8 points to 67% and his disapproval has dropped 4 points to 21% from the prior 3-day period. Obama's term-high approval rating was 69% just after his inauguration. . . .

A 12 point net gain virtually overenight shows just how dramatic an impression President Obama made Tuesday night. What's even more dramatic though is where this newfound support is coming from:

Obama's approval rebound is due to increased support from all political groups, but especially from independents and Republicans, whose support had been waning. Over the past week, independents' approval of Obama dropped from 62% to 54%, but is now back to 62%. There has been a sharp increase in support among Republicans, from 27% to 42%. Democrats' support for Obama was already extremely high at 86%, but even this has climbed slightly, to 90% in the latest polling. . . .

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