Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday night

Had a good day. Haven't left the apartment, unless I count being out on the terrace, where I swept leaves and watered the plants. It was nice out there. The front door is still locked from last night. No need to go out today. Weather cooled down earlier.

Did dishes, paid bills, made dinner -- ham steak and Bush's canned butter beans -- and watched "Desperate Housewives." Pretty good tonight. I especially enjoyed the Eva Longoria material. She was cute and funny. So the screws are turning on crazy Dave, a little slowly, it seems. When are they going to identify the dead doctor's remains from the fire? That's been a while now. (Dave killed him and, we found out tonight, has assumed his identity via the doctor's BlackBerry.) Will Dave kill Mike? He's planning on it. Since Nicollette Sheridan is leaving the show, maybe Dave will end up killing her (i.e., Edie, his wife).

I just found this on Wikipedia: "And according to E! Online Sheridan's character Edie Britt will be killed off the show. 'If there are no script changes, Edie will die before the season ends. She will find out that Dave plans to kill her. When he tries to, Edie escapes only to get involved in an accident that involves her car and an electrical wire.'" Thanks for spoiling it!

I wonder whether HGTV is renewing "The Stagers." I haven't seen any new shows in a while. I think Matthew Finlason is a trip.

Writing went well this afternoon. I wasn't even sure I'd feel like working on the new short story. I made some coffee and held my breath. Actually I'd made a dent yesterday and not even realized it. Yesterday -- Valentine's Day -- was mostly a downer for me.

Cats are doing well. I just tried to take a picture of them snuggling together, but then Bootsy got up to eat.

We have tomorrow off for Presidents' Day. I plan on making a big pot of split pea soup with ham. Then it's back to work on Tuesday, then Wednesday and Thursday off for dreaded kitchen inspections. If those pass, I'll have the place back to myself at last. (The under-mount sink is working fine, by the way. It's finally stopped moving.)

I will get out of the apartment tomorrow, since I need some more groceries to make the soup, plus I need melatonin, which I'm taking now. Nite!


Anonymous said...

Stagers Season 2 premiere April 6th

Glad you think I'm a riot!


(google alerts!)

the blogger said...

You're fun. I enjoy the show.