Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday night

Got up late today -- well past noon. I'd gone to the gym last night and then got hungry late, so I stuffed my face with Melba toast and whatever else and didn't get tired till much later. I should never eat after a certain time at night, especially if I have to get up in the morning (which I didn't). I rarely do on a weeknight, and when I do I regret it.

Watching a show on CNBC about the booming marijuana business (I've seen part of it before). It's the biggest crop in the country. All the more reason for making it legal and taxing it. Also, if you made it legal here you'd put the violent Mexican gangs out of the business.

Today I worked on the short story for six hours and finally got it written through to the end. So now I just have to go back and make it beautiful (or unbeautiful -- whatever works).

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