Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday night

I guess I'm ready for the inspectors. Spent the last 1 1/2 hours cleaning. Vacuumed and scrubbed floors. Also washed throw rugs and some laundry. The kitchen and guest bathroom in particular are almost spotless (by my standards, at least). Had a tall Earl Grey tea at Starbucks first, to get motivated. Got some exercise. Now tomorrow I have to get up earlier than usual to begin waiting for people to show up. Actually I'm excited.

I'm not naturally motivated to clean floors, but I will rise the occasion. Now I have to clean the floors that these guys won't see (e.g., in the bedrooms).

Home Depot was very helpful today. I'd been a little panicky, since the electrician called me again today about paying their bill tomorrow at the inspection. Home Depot told me to go ahead and pay whatever the electrician says; any disputes can be resolved after the fact, when the District Services Manager comes back from vacation on Monday. He was supposed to call me three weeks ago to "go over the bill," which is why I was panicky. I even called the lady in Atlanta (and didn't hear back from her). Tomorrow I'm supposed to receive a formal, final bill when the electrical contractor gets here for the inspection. I'm ready for them. The plumbing inspection is in the morning and the electrical in the afternoon. If the inspections pass before 2:30, we can have a final building inspection on Thursday. Yay.

I'm glad I called the City of North Miami this morning, since I found out that the inspections had been cancelled. The general contractor cleared that up right away, however, after I called them. I don't think they know what they're doing (which is why I made sure to call the City myself to confirm, since I'm taking precious days off from work here). The kitchen designer had told me a while back that Home Depot is no longer contracting with this company.

P.S. I hid the Peugeot salt and pepper mills, in case anyone might be tempted to steal them. These are my new babies.

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