Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday night

Watched Obama's speech. I was impressed. He said everything I wanted to hear him say, and more. Good vignette about the good banker from Miami (see here). Leonard Abess was sitting in the audience and was on camera for several seconds.

I didn't watch Jindal's speech--I had errands. From the commentary I've been seeing, it wasn't good. Watching Rachel Maddow's live, post-speech show now. She pointed out how Jindal (governor of Louisiana) used the government's response to Katrina as reason for people not to rely on the government to help them in a time of crisis. Wow. So we're just supposed to put up with bad government all our lives? (I have to go back and read his speech.)

I also hear it was the same old stuff that hasn't worked for the Republicans (like tax cuts for the well-off) and which, in the crisis they've precipitated, has seen them lose the confidence of the public, and as a result of which we have Obama and Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress. I really don't think the Republicans deserve a rebuttal. But I'm glad the rebuttal was a failure.

Took a good nap after work with Bootsy. Lucky felt left out afterward but I tried to make it up to him with lots of affection while I was watching the speech.

Just for fun, found this video today via Salon here.

By the way, letting the Bush tax cuts for the well-off (those who earn over $250,00) expire amounts to about a 3% increase (they're still in a 30-something % tax bracket, which is pretty standard). And even McCain said that that was fair. (He believes in a progressive tax system. Had a blog post on that.) People who make that much money can afford everything they need, and more. And they should be thankful they live in a country that allows them to become so prosperous. "Winner take all" is a bankrupt idea now. Look at how the bankers are taking junkets now on bail-out money.

And you see where greed on Wall Street has gotten us. Obama spoke out against that.

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