Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday night

Another bug had hatched out on the terrace today, as Lucky was quick to take note, keening for me to let him outside when I got home. I let him sniff the bug, then took some pictures and swept it off the terrace. (I'd promised better pictures if I could get them.) (You can tell how big the bugs are by the grout lines on the tile floor.) (He was also crawling on the jute mat.)

It's actually a pretty bug, but I still don't know whether it's poisonous or not. It doesn't act aggressive like a wasp. Actually, as I've said, they act a little awkward, like a newborn foal struggling to stand up, crawling and testing their wings in short spurts of flight, or at least that's what this one was doing today.

Well, the weekend isn't going to be as hot as they said it would be a couple of days ago. Whew. We're getting some rain.

Watching the repeat of Keith Olbermann. Lawrence O'Donnell is hosting. (Keith must be tending to his sick father.) O'Donnell is quoting the TPM story. (Rachel didn't.) Brian Beutler is kind of new to TPM; obviously not that reliable. And often his stories contain typos and similar errors.

So Sarah Palin is breaking with the Republican Party (including Newt Gingrich) to back a third-party, "Conservative" candidate in New York state. The party is splintering. So will a Democrat win this otherwise "safe" Republican seat? The Republican "brand" is at a 26-year low. And they expect a "come-back" next year? I would guess that the Republican Party rues the day they tapped Sarah Palin for McCain's running mate. She's tapping into the most extreme and wrong-headed manifestations of the conservative movement while bearing the Republican "brand." Normal people are not that extreme.

Had two cups of Earl Grey tea, one with lavender and one with bergamot. Mmmmm. I read on Captivate on the elevator today that if you drink five cups of black tea a day, you can quadruple the strength of your immune system. Too much tea for me, and my immune system is fine (the last time I checked).

Cats got some catnip tonight. I just made a cocktail (it's 10:35 now).

Watching a new "The Unsellables" on HGTV. They're in Leslieville in Toronto. Good show.

Looking to lose a little weight. Fridays at work we have breakfast food. I always have my own breakfast food (canned roast beef hash and V-8) but lately I've been having a toasted bagel with lots of cream cheese as well . Calories I don't need. Today I had only half a bagel with not so much cream cheese. We also have fresh fruit, which I enjoy. The cantaloupe today was really good. Pineapple is always good. The strawberries haven't been good in a while. Not ripe enough. But who's complaining! The Danish pastries are good (have to watch those). I also like the chicken croquettes. We used to have omelets and scrambled eggs and bacon and sausage and hash browns. I kind of miss that, but don't miss the cholesterol. (But I don't have a cholesterol problem, thank goodness, perhaps due to my modest alcohol consumption.)

Had a nice week wearing my new clothes and watching my new TV. Glad the Comcast cable box and remote are working again.

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