Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday night

Almost Friday. Yea!

Here's a commentary on Keith Olbermann's hour-long "Special Comment" yesterday on MSNBC ("Olbermann's wasted moment").

God is it hot here! Fields like 100 F. No relief until next week. Looks like I'll be holed up inside the apartment this weekend. I've stopped walking to work from the downtown bus stop in the morning. I was really starting to over-heat. I don't want to get to work all sweaty.

It's even hot and muggy at night. No relief!

I totally agree that any Democrats who would vote with the Republicans for a filibuster over the health care bill ought to lose their chairmanships (or any other type of seniority they enjoy), including Max Baucus.

Didn't take much of a nap (though slept on the bus). Tonight I made more tuna casserole, loaded the dishwasher and cleaned out the cat boxes.

Watching a new "Real Estate Intervention." A really good show for our time. Most of the owners bought at the height of the market a few years ago and are now having trouble selling. Most of them get pretty rattled when the real estate expert tells it like it is (they're going to lose money on a sale unless perhaps they hold on to the property and rent it).

Today I read somewhere that Vermont has the best health care in the U.S.

Now onto "Property Virgins," one of my favorites. They're in Toronto now. I've never visited Toronto except for the airport. Confusing. Plus the U.S. Department of Homeland Security pulled B. aside for an interrogation, since he looks like an Egyptian. We almost missed our flight back to the U.S. (This was during the Bush Administration.) I'd never perceived the U.S. as thugs before, and that's the way they came across, a pretty female officer in particular. It was creepy. Nice crisp uniforms, though. George Bush would've been proud.

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