Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday night

Tried to take a nap but wasn't able. I did nap some on the bus.

[Later] Time off from politics now. Watching "House Hunters International." They're in Costa Rica tonight. Roasted a sirloin tip roast tonight. Good.

Now "Real Estate Intervention," a new one. 100% financing at the top of the market two years ago in Alexandria.

Pharmaceutical ad: "Tell your doctor if you have high blood pressure . . . ." Shouldn't your doctor take your blood pressure?

Looking forward to opening up the place again and getting some free, natural air-conditioning.

Now "the two Scotts" looking for a home in Toronto on "Property Virgins." I've seen this before but will watch it again. It's been a while.

They've been advertising "Starkist SeaSations" a lot. I highly recommend.

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