Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday night

Received a text message first thing this morning when I got to work, saying the TV was ready to pick up. Got home at the end of the day, changed, and drove up to Aventura Mall to pick it up. Had to drive around a bit to locate the merchandise pick-up area, though I'd been there before; it's kind of tucked away (not where you'd expect it to be).

I'd thought the TV might fit inside the cab of the truck, but no way. The box was humongous. It took up half the truck bed. Fortunately it wasn't that heavy, and I was able to unload it and drag it up to my apartment.

I'm happy with the TV. However, I may need to get help re-connecting the cables so that the Comcast box is functional again. I really should have made diagrams when I was disconnecting everything. (I should have left that all connected and tackled it another day, since the new TV was already working in this room.) (Things may even have to be connected a little differently with this brand-new component, which may be one reason why I couldn't figure it out. Meanwhile I ran out of time tonight.)

I just have to push the TV back into the corner here, since it's a little close. (Done.) (Much better.)

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