Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday night

Watching "House Hunters." They're back in Savannah.

Now I'm on to "Real Estate Intervention."

Really tired tonight. Didn't take nap. Came home and went out shopping for protein powder at GNC. I have a 20%-off Gold Card that I can use one week a month (the first week). Also did a little grocery shopping next door. More catfood, for one thing. After doing all kinds of scientific research on the cats' food preferences and trying to pinpoint the foods they like best, I think it turns out they don't have any real favorites. They just like a variety of food to waste.

This week is going to be much hotter than last. I'm so tired of this endless hot summer. October used to be a nice month. This sucks. As I recall, September used to be more of a nice month, but now it's just as bad as July and August. And now October is getting that way. I think they had a record hot day on the Keys somewhere. I'll try to locate a chart showing temperatures in South Florida over the past 50 or so years.

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