Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday night - Heat Wave

One more hot day and then we'll see some relief. This has been the hottest October I've ever experienced here in Miami, and I was born and raised here and have lived here most of my life. Living here, you put up with the summer heat to be able to enjoy the mild weather the rest of the year. I hope this October heat wave is an aberration and not a sign of things to come.

A couple of months ago (at the height of the summer), our department at work had a meeting with some people who had flown down from Chicago. One of them asked when the nicest time of the year was to visit Miami (obviously not the height of summer). I told her October through May. Now I may have to revise that nugget of advice in the future. (The lower temperatures that we are expecting this weekend will in fact be the lowest since May.)

Was back at the gym tonight. Did manage to get a little nap before going. I had to shut Lucky out of the bedroom, since he wasn't cooperating.

I've been napping really well on the bus since I bought my roller brief case a while back. I set the brief case on end on my lap, cross my arms on top and then rest my forehead on my arms (best to take glasses off). Tonight on the way home I was in a pretty deep sleep, interrupted only by the bell for a stop that was two stops before mine. A close call. In the past, I've slept past my stop and had to get off the bus and hop on a bus going in the opposite direction to get back home.

Not long ago, I noticed Bootsy was drinking from my water glass that I keep at the side of my bed, so I've since given him his own water glass. His kidneys are not in the best shape and he has to drink a lot of water, so he appreciates it. (Click on photo to enlarge.) It could be the heat, too, even though I keep the air-conditioning going when I'm not here (of course), though a few degrees higher. The heat still beats in, however, especially through the slider in the living room that opens onto the terrace. (Think of a glass door on an oven.) Bootsy hasn't lounged out on the terrace in a while. It's just too hot and muggy. He'll be glad when the cool weather arrives. So will Lucky.

If I didn't have the cats, I'd probably keep the place dark when I'm not here (close all the blinds) to save on electricity, especially in the summer.

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