Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday night

Was at gym and stores today. Doesn't seem as hot out tonight as last night, but still muggy. (It's in the lower 80s F.) Lucky is enjoying the terrace. He was also napping in a dresser today (click on image to enlarge.)

Tonight for dinner I had a Milano's Italian Grille Beef Cacciatore. I bought two of these -- they were on sale $4 off for two (normally $6-something). Not bad but I wouldn't buy it again if it weren't on sale. It weighs 17 oz. and while it had a good deal of beef, it's mostly a chunky marinara sauce with mushrooms ("rustica"). So I ate the sauce as a vegetable and had artichoke hearts and hearts of palm vinaigrette on the side. (Here's a review of their spaghetti and meatballs.)

Watched "60 Minutes" tonight. There was a segment on how getting concussions in collision sports (football, boxing) leads to early onset of dementia, depression, etc. due to permanent brain damage. The emphasis was on football. So far, 100 former NFL players have become affected. See "'88 Plan' aids retired NFL players" here. (John Mackey, formerly of the Baltimore Colts, was shown in the segment. He came down with dementia in his early 50s.) See more about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) here. While I've enjoyed football games in the past, I've always thought the sport was too dangerous, even with all the padding. Now they're making helmets with shock absorbers inside vs. foam.

Now watching "Witness to Jonestown" on MSNBC. What a sick individual. I think I've seen part of this before, or something similar.

Gave Bootsy an ear treatment tonight. Hadn't done one in three weeks (forgot to do it last Sunday). His ears are fine now and he doesn't scratch at them, but I'll keep treating them every couple of weeks or as needed. They look very healthy (but I'm no vet). The vet had said to do it twice a week, which I did for a while. Then they cleared up dramatically. (It was mildew.) The ear canals are still open and I don't see any new problems. I should probably call the vet and give her a report.

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