Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday night

Washing Halloween shirt now. It was a little misshapen from hanging from the hanger in the closet all year. (Washing other stuff also in that load, of course.)

Was at store earlier to buy the Halloween candy. Some of it even has vitamins (the Starbursts). Also got kisses with almonds and mini peanut butter cups. (You can see the werewolf hanging by the door. Click image to enlarge.)

Here's Markos on Lieberman:

When my daughter was born, my then-3-year-old son clearly felt neglected, as first children always do in such situations. And as always happens, my son started acting up in a play for attention. In his case, he regressed on his potty training, crapping his pants. In a bid for attention, that certainly worked.

Enter Joe Lieberman, and his successful bid for attention yesterday, promising to screw Democrats for the umpteenth time by joining Republicans in a filibuster of the Democratic health care plan. Whatever.

As much as our favorite boogeyman loves the limelight, there's one thing he loves even more -- being Senator. . . . [Recent poll in CT shows 68% favor public option (83% Dem, 33% Repub, 73% Ind)]

Lieberman can't afford to oppose his constituents on an issue of this magnitude and expect to have any hope of surviving reelection.

In other words, Lieberman is crapping his pants for attention. Call his bluff.

Laundry done. Watching "Project Runway" now.

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