Friday, October 02, 2009

TX Gov: Rick Perry Covering Up Execution of Innocent Man in 2004

From MyDD here. I highly recommend reading the New Yorker article at the link. There's no doubt the man was innocent. I found it difficult to understand how the execution was allowed to go forward.

A little less than a month ago the New Yorker published a major piece making a strong case that the state of Texas executed an indisputably innocent man in 2004.

Cameron Todd Willingham was killed by the state for killing his children in a fire. Yet the best scientific analysis conclusively establishes that the fire was accidental and not caused by arson.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, going into a heated primary campaign against Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, has now suddenly and summarily replaced three board members of the state agency investigating the controversial 2004 execution, indefinitely postponing a hearing into the case. The Burnt Orange Report has excellent coverage here and here.

The conservative editorial board of the Dallas Morning News outlines the case in very stark terms . . . .

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