Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tuesday night

Watching Rachel Maddow and cooking stew beef for that chili. Napped pretty well, both on bus and here. So Keith Olbermann is making a special comment tomorrow for the entire hour. I'll be sure to miss that! He's such a windbag. I don't much care for his show, and his commentary is unbearably bombastic.

My friend in Canada told me the other day about a terrible auto accident that happened in the city where he lives. A 17-year-old boy was apparently speeding down a residential street in the wee hours of Sunday morning and plowed into a brick apartment building, killing two people asleep in their bed. Stories (in French) here and here. (Click on photos to enlarge.) (Had to get out my Larousse and look up a few words.)

My friend has a friend who was living in the building on the second floor (?). The building has since been declared unsafe and everybody had to evacuate. The driver suffered serious head injuries and is now brain-dead but being kept on life support in a hospital in Quebec City. (The father lives in the U.S. and I assume is on his way there.) It hasn't been determined whether the boy had been drinking alcohol. He could have just fallen asleep at the wheel. There's no indication that he tried to brake the car before slamming into the building (and proceeding to knock down two interior walls in the apartment).

That stew-beef chili turned out really good. Something totally different from what I usually make. It's more sweet than spicy (uses a can of tomato paste, plus seven cups of water). It's the Bear Creek stuff. Mmmmmm. Can't wait to lunch on it tomorrow.

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