Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WH Hits AHIP, Making the Case for the Public Option

From Daily Kos here.

The White House continues its offensive against AHIP and the private insurers, with spokesperson Linda Douglass hitting them hard for anti-consumer practices.

We know the history here, though. The insurance industry has routinely, consistently, and aggressively long opposed health reform, and one has to wonder, when you look at this report, whether the insurance industry is seeking reasons, excuses not to employ the kinds of protections for consumers, such as protecting you against pre-existing conditions, or protecting you against the insurance company yanking your insurance away when you get sick.

So part of what this report appears to be is an exercise in trying to find a reason not to provide the insurance protections, the consumer protections that are at the heart of health insurance reform.

The insurers have shown their intent to dump consumer protections, we need the public option now more than ever.

See here and here too, and, for a good analysis, here.

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