Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday afternoon

Jus' chillin'. Received an email from my cousin and wrote her back. She used to write more often but she's been working Sunday and two weeknights at work (she's a public librarian) and is pooped all the time. It's always nice hearing from her. The other day I'd sent her some "People of Walmart" photos. She wrote that she is one of those people. I don't believe it.

Ordered a pizza from Bari. Had the "American Way" with green pepper instead of olives. It was excellent but I think I now like bacon on my pizza. From now on, I'll get the "Bari Pizza" with sausage instead of mushrooms. That's what I'd been getting. A large pizza was $22 including delivery and tip. I ate half of it and refrigerated the rest. Earlier I had a Stouffer's chicken in barbecue sauce with cheddar cheese potato bake with bacon.

Cleaned out the cat box. Having some coffee now. It'll motivate me to do something, what I don't know yet. There's plenty to do around here but sometimes I need to chill. Enjoying the new TV.

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