Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday night

Did a lot of running around after work. Now I'm home. Moved the TV that was in here into the living room and hooked it up. It works. I watch TV in there in the a.m. (Today Show). Now I just have to get the Comcast box hooked up with the DVD and the new TV and do something with the old projection TV that was fading away...

Aha! (An idea.) I have an old friend from Sugar's who used to repair TVs, including large rear-projection TVs. I'll offer to give him the TV if he'll come over and hook up my cables. I'm sure he'd know how to do that. I'll have to call him soon. He doesn't live far away. (I hope he's still alive...)

[Later] By chance I located the instruction book on the DVD recorder and found the diagram for hooking it up to the cable box and the TV. I'll try doing it on Thursday night. (Tomorrow is gym.) I have all the cables. I don't feel like fussing with it now. I'm watching TV and cooking some cubed steaks in Paul Newman pasta sauce.

([A few minutes later] Actually, I did try hooking it up and it didn't work. I got a "weak signal" message on the TV screen, which is what I got last night. Maybe I have to get the cable company involved. But not now. It's almost 10:00 p.m.)

Since I spend most of my time holed up in here, I'll keep the new TV in here. If B. ever moves back . . . he can buy his own HDTV for the living room.

Now it's Keith Olbermann. I'll watch a little of this and then switch to something else.

I'd been reading on the Consumer Reports website (subscription) that LCD TVs can have trouble with black (i.e., not being black enough). This TV doesn't have that problem. The black is the blackest black. Watching Travel Channel now, Andrew Zimmerman, "Bizarre World" (?). Now they're in Tarpon Springs. B. and I were there a couple of years ago after we went to visit my father. He'd never been there.

Reworked and expanded the previous post, from last night.

Back to HGTV. Cubed steaks turned out great! (Two packages of cubed steaks [on sale] and one jar of Paul Newman sauce. Simmer till tender. They shrink.) This would be good with pasta, but I'm watching my carbs.

I love the new TV. Next they'll be coming out with 3-D TV, I assume. (I saw that in a movie. Which one?)

When Lucky goes out on the terrace these days, I no longer see him walking on the narrow strip behind the glass railing or sitting up on the ledge. Maybe he's learned his lesson from falling off the terrace a few times. (He hasn't fallen off in a while.) Thank God I live only one floor above the pool deck, and there's a plant bed below (but also some concrete).

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