Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday night

This is hilarious ("The secret diary of Sarah Palin's ghostwriter").

Aug. 16

SP calls on an urgent matter. Someone has told her that Rachel Maddow is a lesbo. "Is this true, Lynn?"

"I'm afraid so," I say.

I hear her gulp her energy drink. "Wait a second," she says. "Do her bosses know?"

* * *

Aug. 20

Just for giggles, we YouTube her sportscaster clips. That hair!

"And to think," SP says, "I once dreamed of blowing Keith Olbermann."

I think I'm going to be sick.

Was at the store tonight, since I didn't make it this weekend. Then I finished off that chili. Made a double recipe.

Anthony Bourdain is in Bulgaria. Next, Rachel Maddow. I missed the earlier broadcast.

Tomorrow at 9:00 I'm meeting here with "Maid Green" to discuss their helping me out with some cleaning.

So, Sen. Reid included the opt-out "competitive option" for the Senate health care bill. Whew! Now the bill goes to the Congressional Budget Office for analysis. Interesting what Sen. Wyden has to say about it on Rachel Maddow. Press release from his website.

Another "unseasonably" hot week here. My last electric bill (which included the recent heat wave) was the highest I've ever had while living here alone.

This weekend I took a break from cooking but thoroughly cleaned the kitchen. I spent over $40 on delivered food and today I bought a sandwich (the Eggs Foo Young from the Chinese restaurant were great for lunch but then I needed an afternoon snack, as I usually do, and didn't have anything store-bought). While I like to cook and keep the kitchen clean (since it's easy), I'm basically not much of a cleaner (though I do it in a pinch). It appears, however, it would be cheaper for me to have someone help out with the cleaning occasionally and for me to devote my time to shopping for groceries and cooking than to do all the cleaning myself and then have to order food out.

It's only me here now and I really don't have the time to do it all (on top of going to work and sleeping and going to the gym and doing laundry and cleaning the cat boxes and having some down time to sit here and relax). I don't like cleaning so much, while I do like to cook and take care of the kitchen. I'd rather eat my own food than most of anything I can order out. So I'm going to get some help with the cleaning and save my money on food. I can't do everything alone. It's too overwhelming. I need help. And B. and B.'s parents are no longer around.

Let's see what Chris Matthews has to say. Not much. Back to HGTV.

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