Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday night

Napped and ran out to the grocery store. I'll be making chili, tamale pie and minestrone soup with beef stew meat. (Ground round and stew beef were on sale.) I bought a large package of dried minestrone soup mix (never tried it before) that needs water only. The package also suggests adding stew meat. So I'll cook the stew meat first till tender in the water and a can of crushed tomatoes, then add the other stuff. How easy can that be. I hope it turns out good, since it eliminates a lot of slicing and dicing. (Years ago I used Wyler's Soup Starter to make vegetable beef soup but apparently they don't make that anymore). I also have ingredients to make West African Tuna Casserole (Joy of Cooking recipe).

I did a Google search for Soup Starter and found that Soup Starter is now Wyler's Mrs. Grass Hearty Soup Mix (Homestyle Beef Vegetable). I'll have to look for that. It was easy and tasty. This minestrone soup mix is made by Bear Creek Country Kitchens (they didn't have vegetable beef).

Went to the Publix up past B.'s place of business. B.'s vehicle was there. On my drive back, I noticed the restaurant was almost dead (it's Rosh Hashanah) and I saw B. inside. Alas. I won't be visiting him anymore. He's lost me.

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