Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday night

Today was decent at work, even though two people were taking time off. Watching Anthony Bourdain in Polynesia while roasting a bottom round roast. Tattoos, taboos and tikis are all Polynesian. Paul Gaugin also lived (and died) there (at age 54).

Now "House Hunters" in Savannah (not the Historic District but new stuff that's still beautiful).

Roast beef turned out excellent. I had to have a little. There was a lot of jus. Carved a bunch of that for work, each slice soaked in the jus.

I'm going to start on a different story soon. Didn't like where the other one was going (actually got a lot done on Saturday, and I can probably use at least some of the material in the new story). When I learned about A.'s death, the new story started to crystallize. It's going to be fun and wacky and sad.

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