Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday night

Not well today. Stayed home from work. Slept a lot.

Got cleaned up and went to Flanigan's for Steak House Soup and dolphin fingers. (Excellent.) Then shopped at Publix. Bought more stew beef (it's on sale this week) but they didn't have Mrs. Grass vegetable beef soup mix, so I bought the Bear Creek minestrone again. That soup turned out great, with little work (with the addition of the stew beef cooked till tender with crushed tomatoes, and some frozen mixed vegetables thrown in at the end). Normally I chop a leek, parsnip, turnip, etc.

While I've made up my mind not to contact B. anymore, I have to say I still care (or, at least, am concerned about him). When several weeks ago I overheard him telling the BF over the phone (when the BF called here) that I was a "better person," that really got to me. (And the BF was threatening to call the police if B. tried to go back there.) But B. let himself get himself into that situation.

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