Friday, September 25, 2009


Went to the store and got some teas. I can drink them here in the A/C. Right now I'm having an Earl Grey with lavender. I also got regular Earl Grey, green tea with mint, and green tea with jasmine. Watching Anderson Cooper. (It looks like the lavender tea bags are made of silk.)

Later I had a cup of the jasmine tea. Also good.

See here for the latest on the public option in the Senate Finance Committee. (See what's up with Bill Nelson today.)

[Later] I'm going to back off on the Facebook. There's a lot of right-wing madness out there, and I don't want it intruding into my space (up in my face, if you will). I know it's out there, fulminating and fuming, but I'm not going to deal with it directly. Last night there was this: "& for the record: msnbc has no ratings and is voted to be the most biased channel. It is owned by general electric, and general electric got bailed out with tarp money. & guess whatt ?? now they're making deals with Russia ! all they do is bash fox news." There is so much wrong with that "reasoning" that I wouldn't know where to begin, and that was just one entry. (But this person has almost 600 "friends.") (I can only imagine this person probably hates gays, too, which is part and parcel of the paranoid right-wing mindset.) I'm not going to participate in the "discourse." I kept it civil and made a graceful exit. That's all, folks.

I've been honing my personal information on Facebook, however. I think I've got it to where I like it. (It's a lot, but that's not uncommon.) Got a lick in at Anita Bryant, who painted gay people as devils. She's a sick ticket.

P.S. I got an email from my mortgage servicer (CitiMortgage) saying everything was acceptable regarding my insurance coverages. I've also been asked to participate in a survey and I'll be sure to mention the trouble I had last year when they ordered unnecessary and exorbitantly priced insurance for me and tacked it on to my escrow account, which took some effort on my part to have cancelled. Aggressive, immoral Wall Street bastards.

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