Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday night

I've got 13 more photos to format and post on the other blog. Ran out of time. I've been using Paint.NET (a free program) to adjust and resize the photos. It does an admirable job, I think. It has a Photoshop interface, so I find it easy to use.

Looking forward to returning home tomorrow. I do miss the cats and have been concerned about Lucky since I've never left him alone for days on end before. (My neighbor is taking care of the cats.) I hope Lucky doesn't think he's been abandoned (again). He was a foster cat when I got him over a year ago. (Bootsy's been through this before.)

Was watching and reading the political stuff. Such a furor over the Joe Wilson comment. I'm glad I don't have to fabricate news for a living, no matter if I were on the left or the right. But these people have shows and blogs to fill on a daily basis, so it's always something, whether it's really important or not. And the politicians then take advantage of this. Ultimately it's the media's fault, in letting things get out of hand and thereby distorting the issues. It happened with the death panels, for example. The Right are adept at using the media to create these distortions and ultimately misinform the public. The Left sit back and expect the truth to be told my the media, which doesn't happen. (Why? Because most journalists these days have no integrity as journalists.) This phenomenon appears to be contrary to what was intended as the function of a free press per the U.S. Constitution.

I'm glad Obama mentioned the media's role in this healthcare misinformation campaign last night.

Meanwhile the shit's still going on.

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