Friday, September 04, 2009

Thursday night

Was busy shopping tonight in advance of my trip next week (cat food, etc.). Then spent hours looking for downloads and information on creating patterns in Photoshop (someone wants a pattern tomorrow morning -- got it).

So, the debate on health care is getting serious again? Aside from the fact there was an altercation at a political event in California and someone got part of his pinkie bitten off when he landed a (second) punch on an adversary and his pinkie ended up in the other guy's mouth. (Who likes getting punched, repeatedly no less?)

One more day of work and I'm off for nine days and getting out of town. What a relief. I haven't had a vacation like this in three years, since B. and I went to San Francisco during Labor Day week, 2006.

I trust the cats will be OK. I think it would be more traumatic for them to board them than to let them stay here and have my neighbor across the hall take care of them, as lonely as they will be. (But they sleep most of the time anyway.) (But still.)

Still no word on the anti-virus program for the netbook computer.

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