Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday night

Whew. Just finished a bunch of chores. Had two cups of coffee at Starbucks after I got home from the store and -- aside from a long phone call with my friend in FTL/STL -- I've been working ever since.

Bootsy is washed and dried. I also cut some mats out of his coat with my electric clippers. He seemed to enjoy that. The laundry is mostly done. One of the dryers was broken so I'll dry a load tomorrow. (Meanwhile it's sealed up in a plastic bag.) Kitchen counters and floor are clean. Eyebrows, etc. are trimmed. I just have a little more floor to vacuum, water the plants, run the dishwasher, and pack. I have plenty of time, since I'm not leaving till 4:00 p.m. on Monday.

[Later] I hope I didn't make Bootsy catch a cold. He was snorting earlier. I keep it rather cold in here and he was still a little damp after the bath.

I think he's OK.

It was rainy here all day, which suits me at this time of year when it's otherwise so hot.

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