Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday evening

Didn't stay up too late or get up too late. Did some cleaning, had a burrito and a taco at Lime and did last minute shopping at Publix and got some cash. Arranged for Super Shuttle to pick me up on Monday (at 4:00 p.m. -- flight leaves at 6:45). Found a few nightspots in Savannah online and mapped them out. Here's this:

Club One defines itself as the premier bar in a town priding itself on a level of decadence that falls somewhere between New Orleans's and Key West's, and it's the hottest and most amusing spot in town.

Patrons include lesbians and gays from the coastal islands, visiting urbanites, and cast and crew of whatever film is being shot in Savannah at the time (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis showed up here in happier times). There's also likely to be a healthy helping of voyeurs who've read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and are catching the monthly Lady Chablis show.

(I'll miss the monthly show; she's performing tonight.) This place is right near where I'm staying, as is one of the bars.

Neighbor came over re: feeding the cats. He'll feed them in the mornings and after he gets home from work. I didn't ask him to -- he volunteered. He'll also visit with them. I've got a half-case of Miller Lite in bottles cooling in the fridge. There's also rum and Sambucca.

Got an email reminder from CheapTickets about the trip.

Still no further reply from the virus software people.

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