Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tuesday night

Got all bills paid that need to get paid before I come back from vacation.

The netbook computer, which I'm taking on my trip, came installed with a 3-month trial of McAfee virus software, which just expired. RadioShack also threw in a separate "box" of CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 software. Tonight I tried to install it from the USB port, but Firefox didn't know how to open it because "protocol (d) isn't associated with any program." Nothing I did would get it to install. So I emailed the support people at CA and we'll see what they say. I suspect they'll have me download it from their website. I did supply them my license number, as requested. Meanwhile I downloaded something free to tide me over. (Actually, McAfee was still working at some level at least, since it prompted me when I tried to download the freebie, endorsed by USA Today and Computerworld, so I would think it's safe.) (The download was free, but the software really isn't.)

Had one of those Third Pounder Angus burgers with bacon and cheese tonight at McDonald's (excellent). Also got some grilled chicken sandwiches and Quarter Pounders (without cheese) to take to work. Also had an ice cream cone.

I could have used a nap today but I needed to get some cheap food for lunches and didn't feel like cooking tonight (nothing here to cook anyway). Plus I went to GNC to get alpha lipoic acid. (I get a discount at the beginning of the month.) (The GNC is by the McDonald's.) Last night I marinated some cubed steaks and grilled them on the Foreman Grill. They were so good that I ate four of them for lunch today. (I marinated them in white vermouth, soy sauce, olive oil, ground cumin, garlic powder, dried mustard and a little curry powder. They don't take long to marinate -- maybe little over an hour.) (If you marinate them too long, they turn to mush.)


Found a big feather in the parking lot tonight and gave it to Lucky. He loves it and is playing with it now.

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