Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday evening

I was tremendously relieved when I got back home last night to see no sign of trauma in the cats. No one was hiding, etc. Lucy used to be in hiding and act all shell-shocked when I got home. It took hours for that to wear off and made me feel terribly guilty. Lucky was just going about his business, acting perfectly normal (I'd been most worried about him vs. Bootsy). So it's good to know I can get out of town for a few days and not feel guilty about it.

When I got in -- it must have been a little after 7:00 or so (I didn't look at the time) -- I called my neighbor who'd been feeding the cats. (He'd fed them a while earlier.) He said Lucky was always vocal and lively when he came in to feed them. (He really loves Lucky, who looks just like his own cat but is a few years younger.) He'd had a few bottles of the beer I left for him in the fridge.

Spent hours today fine-tuning the travel blog. It's posted on Facebook. I hope someone looks at it (it's mostly photos). So far, no one has commented. Maybe I'm being ostracized for being too political. Last week was a big week, with Obama's healthcare speech and all. Up till then, I was promoting the public option, etc. Miami can be a very reactionary place. I was extremely pleased with Obama's speech. No more kicking this can down the road. If it comes to reconciliation in the Senate, so be it (as I already said). It would be a travesty to sacrifice real reform to get the vote of one or two Republicans. The Republicans aren't in charge here. And most of them want Obama to fail flat-out, for political reasons -- damn the health and welfare of their constituents.

Had Chinese food delivered -- pork eggs foo yung and beef chow mein.

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