Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday night

Back from gym. Tomorrow's the first day of October. The weather will be cooling down this week. I say "cooling," meaning in the 80s (vs. the 90s) during the day. It was nice out tonight. My electricity bill should start going back down soon.

I have one more meal left from the soup (tomorrow's lunch). Good stuff. Today there was some Parmesan cheese sitting around in the kitchen at work and I added some to the soup. Mmmmm.

I've also been eating my bottom round roast. It was a great roast up till tonight, when, as I was carving some to take to work, I went through a giant vein of fat, which I trimmed off the slices. Then I dumped a bunch of barbecue sauce on top. I'll heat that up at work and eat it on French or Cuban bread, which I can buy at the sundries shop in my office building. I'm smacking my lips already.

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