Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday night

Vacation's over!

Didn't leave the apartment this weekend, except to go to the truck and the mailbox.

Today I did some tidying up and unpacking and cooked lunch for tomorrow. Worked some more on the travel blog. Watching the last episode of "Design Star" in a few minutes.

[Later] Antonio won. I'd been kind of rooting for Dan all along, but I think Antonio would be a great asset for HGTV. He's something completely different and unconventional (and talented). So congratulations! I can see him becoming very popular. (Still, I preferred Dan's solution to the final challenge, and Dan's equally as if not more talented.)

Watched "60 Minutes" tonight with the Obama interview. This was taped on Friday, after Obama's healthcare speech. Yes, Obama will "own" the health care plan, and he doesn't want to own a lemon. I think this is heading for reconciliation in the Senate. Getting one Republican vote in the Senate is not worth foisting a lousy program on the American people. They'd turn against Obama and the Democrats and he knows it.

Again tonight, Obama mentioned the media's penchant for reporting the sensational rabble-rousing vs. treating the important issues. This is so true. It's a a disservice to the public and an abdication of the Constitutionally-protected freedom of the press to keep people informed on the issues.

Watch the interview here.

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