Wednesday, September 02, 2009

'Reformers to Obama: You Don't Win By Disappointing Your Supporters'

From TPM here.

President Obama will clarify his health care reform principles before a joint session of Congress Wednesday, and a number of White House officials have come forward to suggest that the public option will not be among them. If that's the case, it will devastate the large segment of the reform community that regards the public option as one of the most crucial elements of legislation. . . .

"You win by rallying your supporters and convincing the middle," Kirsch says. "You don't win by disappointing your supporters and confusing the middle."

Amid today's controversy, Obama's political arm Organizing for America is continuing to push for a public option. So isn't the White House sending (at best) mixed messages about the public option?

"White Houses have a history of floating trial balloons," Kirsch adds. "What will really matter is what the president says Wednesday."

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