Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday night

For months I've been trying to track down my first partner ("A."), with no success. Then I thought, well, let me try to track down one of our mutual friends ("X."). I knew that X. had kept in touch with A. after A. and I parted ways. It was easy to track down X. and find his phone number. I called him tonight. (Actually, as it turned out, I had his number in an old address book.)

It turns out that A. died at least 10 years ago from cancer in his back. He would have been relatively young then (late 50s or at most 60). Sad to hear.

Well, I'm glad I got back in touch with X. X. is from here and, with his brother, keeps his parents' house in Miami Lakes. He'll be down in November and we'll get together. I haven't seem him in years.

Soup was good. It'll be even better tomorrow.

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