Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tuesday night

Been keeping another blog on the trip.

I do miss the cats and trust they're OK. Last night I had a dream about Lucky or Lucy or both. (Let's use the masculine pronoun.) He had for some reason been on his own, out in the wild (my cats are strictly indoor cats, although they go out on the terrace). Then I found him outside as I was walking around and picked him up. He'd lost a lot of weight, was hairless, and had been spray-painted a glossy grey. Even his eyelids were painted grey. He wasn't doing well and I realized I had to get the paint off him somehow, since I was afraid it would kill him (like in "Goldfinger"). Around then I woke up and then went back to sleep. I wonder if the cats are dreaming about me...

The only thing wrong with this room is that it's on a busy street. I have my earplugs, but the noise was still waking me up as I was trying to sleep through most of the morning. Today I tried to change rooms to the other side of the building, but none was available. (Maybe tomorrow.) Tonight I'm going to leave the AC fan on high. Maybe that'll help drown out some of the noise. The lady at the front desk said the other side could be noisy, too (on the weekends, but this is Tuesday). It faces the City Market, where bands play. (Actually, I saw someone playing there tonight.) Unfortunately, I can't set the TV to make white noise.

Tonight I had a little scare with the netbook when I came back here for the night -- the screen was black. Apparently it had been switched off by mistake when someone came in to clean the room. (I didn't know about that switch -- luckily I found it.) I was beside myself for a few minutes. All alone in a strange place with no backup computer... I was about ready to go home tomorrow. (Kidding, sort of.)

Watching this public option thing very carefully. That's what the people want. See TPM here (via Jane Hamsher, who's had breast cancer).

Am I the only one who thinks that if the Dems pass a bill with mandates and subsidies for poor and moderate income people to purchase it but no public option or competition with the insurers, that it will be pretty much a catastrophe for the Democrats in political terms?. . .

If the public option passes through reconciliation, so be it. That's what the public wants. The Republicans are huffing and puffing about it, but all they've done is obstruct the whole process and worked contrary to the public's best interests. (To put it mildly.) They've sold their souls to the Devil (how's that?).

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