Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday night

Watching the Antonio show now. It's OK. He keeps talking about the pink ducks, which I thought were kind of silly. I wouldn't want something like that in my house.

Was at the gym and the store earlier. Bought a long loaf of French bread to take to work for the pâté, along with some reduced-fat Ritz crackers. (I packed a 24-oz. container with pâté to take to work.) It'll be a nice treat for my co-workers. Two pounds is a lot of pâté for me to eat in a week. And even though I could freeze it, I'd rather share it. Also taking soup and tamale pie (for me).

I had the soup for dinner tonight, along with some pâté and crackers. The soup is better today than it was yesterday -- I'd call it excellent -- but things like that always taste better the next day.

[Antonio show over] I don't know about that guy. He's pretty rough around the edges. Plus I wasn't really impressed with the design of his house. Good luck!

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