Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday night

Back from gym. Glad I went.

Good news -- the ice-maker has started working again. I was sitting here earlier and heard what sounded like ice dropping in the freezer and, sure enough, it's back making ice. I wonder what that was all about. Maybe there was another water pressure fluctuation today? The broken ice-maker has been aggravating me. It stopped working before my vacation and meanwhile I've been buying bags of ice. I'd planned on getting Sears out here to fix it, which meant taking precious time off from work.

Another thing that's been aggravating me is my mortgage servicer (CitiMortgage) sending me threatening letters about my wind and flood coverage. I'm all covered. Last year I wasn't quite quick enough (for them) to prove my coverages and they bought me an expensive policy that I had to cancel and get refunded for. This is apparently a big money-maker for them. They're cut-throat. I have to call them back tomorrow and make sure everything is OK. They were supposed to call me back last week. Another aggravation has been that my drug store no longer accepts my flex card (or the flex card no longer accepts my drug store) for my prescriptions, so I have to make a claim every month and get a check in the mail and deposit it. Just little things like that add up.

I'm tired of Facebook already. Hardly anybody says anything particularly interesting or thought-provoking or apropos of much. It's mostly pretty cryptic and silly. There is little, say, serious debate or commentary on anything important. Maybe I wish it were more of a town hall. But it's a good way to find old friends, perhaps, and share photos, but I don't get a lot of feedback. It is what it is, but for me it's basically a big waste of time and unrewarding. I'd rather be doing this. I'll also be glad when it gets cooler and I can visit Starbucks again and sit outside and read magazines over a cup of tea.

Watching "Renovation Realities," a repeat, but amusing. Now Rachel Maddow.

This health care legislation process is a really nail-biter. I can't let myself get too worked up about it, although I've been doing everything in my poor power (emailing, donating, making phone calls) to get the public option included.

Sarah Palin, talking in Hong Kong, full of crap. Financial crisis caused by too much regulation? She's such a ditz. See here.

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