Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wednesday night

Back from the gym and the store.

When I heard a couple of weeks ago that Obama was wavering on the public option (a trial balloon?), I emailed Organizing for America (which is now part of the DNC) to cancel my $1/day donation "until health care reform passes" (i.e., $30/month paid in advance on the 1st of the month by credit card). I never got a reply and let it slide when Obama reiterated his support for the public option. Earlier I was checking my bank accounts online and noticed that the DNC had charged me another $30 yesterday. I might have let that slide had I not read today that Obama will not be sticking by the public option in his speech next week. First I called the bank, who gave me the DNC's telephone number. I then called the DNC long-distance in Washington and not only cancelled the automatic donation but also got a $30 refund for this month. Ha!

It's interesting to see in the post below that Organizing for America is still pushing the public option (because they're getting money?). I hope more people do what I did and get the message across that today's trial balloon don't fly. Hit 'em where it hurts, people!

And no triggers. Do what's right, now. Why prolong the agony. The public option is the compromise. (I'm for Medicare for all.)

Also I read today that Obama is willing to "stare down" the Democrats over health care (when he should be staring down the Republicans). I hope that isn't true. (Just another "balloon"?) I'm tired of these balloons.


Watching "My Big Amazing Renovation." This one's set in Miami -- a house on Biscayne Bay (on one of the islands) overlooking downtown. The owners are John and Alison Kunkel. John's the founder and CEO of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill restaurants, where I go for burritos. The first restaurant opened on South Beach in 2004.

I'd seen this show a while back, but it must have been before I started going to Lime. (There's a lot of promotion for Lime in the show. She wears a Lime t-shirt; he's shown at the restaurant(s).) At any rate, the Kunkels are very simpatico and the episode is good.

Didn't hear back from the virus software people today.

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