Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday night

Well, tomorrow night at this time I'll be in the air somewhere (knock on wood). I arrive in Savannah at 8:48 p.m.

Was back at the gym and the store. Basically I needed more cash. But I got some more cleaning supplies as a pretext.

[Later] Again, the right person was kicked off "Design Star" tonight. She really wasn't that original (although a capable designer). All she had was her "accent walls." A "one-trick pony," as Vern Yip would say. I think Vern's pretty much a one-trick pony himself. (Takes one to know one, I guess.) I not a fan of Vern's "Deserving Design." It's always the candles all over the wall that would be a pain in the ass to light and would just otherwise collect dust.

Been doing a lot of cleaning. So being on vacation has put me into some kind of a cleaning mode? All I really have to do tomorrow is water the plants, run the electric broom, prepare the cat boxes, and pack.

Today I ordered a pizza from Bari and also had some fried chicken.

Been putting a lot of stuff on Facebook I would otherwise put on here (stuff from the media and blogs). I have a potentially larger audience on Facebook. I used to have a lot more customers here, but apparently they've migrated to other venues or died. This has become my diary, I guess, which is fine with me.

[A little bit later] One more spate of cleaning and I'm back. B.'s mother and her boyfriend used to get paid to clean this place, but alas that is no more. She's retired now. Maybe she'd like to make some extra cash on the side? (B. said he'd give me her new phone number but that hasn't happened, since he knew I'd tell her that he was living with a drug dealer. Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't.)

[After another spate of cleaning] It's about time to call it a night. I love the Lysol cleaner with bleach. But the more I clean, the more I realize I need help. If all I did was work and clean, I wouldn't have any time to do anything else, like read and write and watch TV and otherwise just chill.


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