Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday evening

Back from the gym and the store. Watching "60 Minutes" and eating that soup for dinner. Delicious.

[Later] Didn't realize "Desperate Housewives" was back on tonight until I looked at the listings. Watched it. Really good. I kind of sympathized with Katherine, after what I've gone through with B. and the BF. Bastards. :-) I'd like to dump some tomato sauce on that new wedding dress, but "vengeance is mine, saith the Lord." (I was raised on the King James Bible.)

Had a long talk with my friend in STL/FTL. The dog is not doing well. A combination of her disability and her aging, it sounds like. What a shame. The BF is not doing well either.

We talked a lot about the health care bills in Congress. (He brought up the topic.) He's a Republican but was raised in a Southern Democratic family, as I was, and he's actually for a single-payer system. So am I. But how to pay for it, he says. The main issue is that the constantly rising medical costs have got to be gotten under control. And eliminating the for-profit insurance companies' overhead would save a bundle. No more private jets serving meals with silver flatware on 24 karat gold-rimmed china. This is not automobile insurance. People don't have to drive, but they do have to have health care. It's fundamentally a moral issue.

If most of the "first" world has been able to create a decent health care system that doesn't kill and/or bankrupt them, then we should be able to do it too. How dumb are we?


Regarding the death of A. (which rattled me), I'm surprised nobody contacted me at the time. But maybe I'd changed telephone numbers or something, and back then maybe it wasn't as easy to track people down over the Internet as it is now.

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