Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday night

Took nap. About to go to the gym and the store (missed gym Wednesday). Now they close at 10:00 on Friday nights. I'll have time. Watching "Property Virgins." Seen this one but it's good.

[Later] Comcast is coming on Sunday between 2 and 5 to see what's wrong with my cable box. Some channels aren't coming in that are coming in on the other TV connected directly to the cable. The Customer Service guy I talked to tonight tried rebooting the box but nothing happened. (The box probably needs to be replaced.)

Bought all kinds of goodies at the store, including a rotisserie chicken and hot dogs. I was hungry after the gym and ate chicken and two hot dogs. I hadn't bought hot dogs since before B. left. I also bought Boca Burgers, watermelon, and more Starkist SeaSations frozen fish fillets, etc.

I weigh myself at the gym and I'd lost a few pounds since last Sunday. I was pushing 180 and now I'm back under 170. Been watching my diet. Of course hot dogs won't help but obviously I don't buy them often. I get them at the Target snack shop every now and then and had one at the movies the last time I went. Last year or whenever I had a chili dog at Johnny Rockets. I've also bought a few at Checkers when I've had to go to work on the weekends. (They're the best, with the red onion -- and the best deal.) (Johnny Rockets' is excellent, but you have to eat it with a knife and fork, which is fine.)

[Later] Researching more e-cigarettes. Sounds like the best way to go would be to get one that can be refilled with bottled nicotine "juice," instead of disposable cartridges that you have to keep on ordering. You can probably buy this juice locally and not have to have it shipped. There's a tobacco shop around here somewhere (maybe at Aventura Mall). They would probably sell electronic cigarettes and accessories.

[Later] Bought another electronic cigarette here. This is going to be a lot cheaper (and more healthy) than smoking. This one comes with two batteries (the white part of the cigarette), two atomizers and five empty cartridges (the brown part) and some juice, along with battery charger, etc. See here. This is likely a Canadian outfit, since the shipping is faster to Canada than the U.S.

It appears the U.S. tobacco companies are going to fight these (invented in China, by the way). (China has a pervasive smoking problem.)

I wanted an orange LED tip but this company only had blue ones. This company had orange tips but no extra atomizer and too many cartridges that were pre-filled with the juice (although it did include a bottle of juice).

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