Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Comcast called at 12:10 and said they could be here in 10 minutes. I was fine with that.

He did diagnostics via the remote and said the cable to the box was old and had to be replaced. I told him it was only five or so years old. He said, but it's all yellow. I said, that's from smoking. So then he located the splitter, out on the terrace, and found all the connections to be loose. (He made a point of showing me -- they were very loose.) So he tightened them all (3) with a wrench and went back and did the diagnostics again. Everything registered fine.

So that accounts for why the picture in the living room would come in perfect while here it would get all "scrambly" or not come in at all.

More on the cats: Siamese, by the way, seem to be one of the only breeds that doesn't have health problems associated with it. I had a Persian (Yasmin). I'd bought her from a breeder I knew from Sugars (who ended up dying of AIDS, by the way, before the cocktails came out). Yasmin could be very sweet at times but mostly kept to herself. She had runny eyes (one of their problems) and periodically had to be professionally groomed, since her coat got full of mats. (She didn't like being brushed.) She loved her haircuts, however, or at least the results. (I always got her a "lion cut.") [She looked just like the cat in the picture.]

I have to say, I prefer short-haired cats (such as Siamese, or Lucky). Very low maintenance.

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