Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday night

All my chores are done and it's time to relax and watch "Desperate Housewives."

"60 Minutes" was good, especially the segment on cyber-warfare. Dropping bombs is passé if you can destroy power plants and incapacitate cities or whole countries by hacking over the Internet. A couple of serious hacking incidents happened during the Bush Administration (though we weren't told about them at the time). President Obama has made this type of threat a priority.

(As we know, the 9/11 attacks also happened on the Bush Administration's watch, while they were preoccupied with invading Iraq and ignoring warnings from our intelligence agencies about the imminent attacks.)

Katie Couric had a double-segment interview André Agassi, now retired (I didn't know). He's come out with a book saying he always hated tennis and spent the good part of 1997 doing crystal meth. He started losing his hair when he was 19, and his famous mane ended up being a weave, etc. He quit school after the ninth grade to play professional tennis, prodded by his father. Notwithstanding that, he's very articulate. Now he's the benefactor of a magnet school in Las Vegas, where he lives. (I didn't know anything about him.)

[Later] "Desperate Housewives" was OK. A little messy and not that funny. Hope it's better next week. Last week wasn't that great either.

Then had a call from my friend in STL/FTL (he was in STL tonight). Had a long talk. He got his dog's ashes back in a box with a plaque.

Now I can relax again.

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